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Userdoc Joins TinySeed

By Chris Rickard · May 16th, 2024

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Userdoc has been accepted into the TinySeed Accelerator.

This marks a significant milestone for us, as TinySeed is not only known for accepting highly promising B2B SaaS companies but also for selecting only the top 1-2% of the thousands of applicants every year.

What This Means for Userdoc

We know the TinySeed investment and mentorship will take Userdoc to the next level. From access to invaluable mentorship from seasoned B2B SaaS professionals to becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded founders with equally ambitious goals.

The financial investment will accelerate our growth and allow us to hire key resources to further establish Userdoc as the most advanced AI-driven software requirements platform today.

Why TinySeed?

Before TinySeed, Userdoc had not taken any outside investment and was a fully bootstrapped (and profitable) company, growing every month.

Although we have had multiple conversations with potential investors, we wanted to ensure any funding was value-aligned with an investor who understands not only where Userdoc is today but can help us unlock our full potential for the future.

TinySeed is run by Rob Walling, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and SaaS superhero, and Einar Vollset, a former Y-Combinator founder who sold his company to Google and Managing Partner of Discretion Capital.

We cannot think of a better partner than TinySeed, with their focus on sustainable growth and profitability (what a novel idea!), they have invested in close to 200 B2B startups and have a proven track record of helping companies like ours scale.

Looking Ahead

With TinySeed's backing, out central focus is to being even more value to our users. Expect new features, improved AI capabilities, and a stronger Userdoc community.

We’re super excited about the journey ahead and can’t wait to share our progress with you.

TinySeed invests in Userdoc

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