The source of truth for your system requirements

Don't throw valuable requirements away once the task is done.
Build a living knowledge base and a long-term business asset.

Integrates seamlessly with your ecosystem

A modern user-friendly requirements management system

Discovery & scoping, through to development, system testing, and long-term documentation.

Crystal clear requirements using industry standard methodologies

A single source of truth to avoid costly miscommunication

Remove knowledge silos, add knowledge transparency

Invite collaborators and viewers to share the love

Sync requirements with your project management tools

Export in multiple formats, your knowledge is not trapped

User story driven documentation

Requirements shouldn't vanish when the development is complete.This information is super valuable.For future work, future team members, and even for the client.

User stories
User personas

Real people have
real personas

Users aren't all the same.Provide background knowledge to your team and stakeholders using real life user personas.Personas are valuable longterm - not just at the start of a build.

Flow through the system with journeys

User stories and personas really come to life with user journeys.Communicate and document detailed scenarios through your system via user journeys.

User journeys


  • Is Userdoc a project management tool?

    No, Userdoc captures what should be built, the motivations behind it, along with the various user flows through the system - acting as a source of truth for requirements.

    It doesn't replace your project management tool that helps track and manage the system build - however Userdoc does integrate with your tools to easily share and link back to the requirements.

  • At what phase of my project would I use Userdoc?

    Userdoc allows you to capture requirements in the discovery and scoping phases, and refine them as the system evolves. Use Userdoc in your sprint kickoffs to get everyone on the same page, and during development, it's the source of truth for what should be built.

    Testers use Userdoc for both quality and acceptance testing, with both your internal and external testers all working with the same acceptance criteria.

    The living knowledge base you build via Userdoc is a valuable tool for onboarding and training, so from inception to long-term training, Userdoc crosses the entire system lifecycle.

  • How does Userdoc work with design?

    Design is integral for all software, and although Userdoc captures primarily text-based requirements, Userdoc combined with UI & UX resources is a match made in heaven.

    Attach your UI resources to user stories to keep them all in one place. Add designs from Figma or Sketch, wireframes and workflows from Miro or UXPin - and any resource to share them centrally from Userdoc.

  • Do I have to use user stories?

    Yes, Userdoc is an opinionated end-user focused requirements system.

    It adheres to the agile concepts of user stories, user types, user personas, and user journeys - embracing an opinionated stack bring valuable structure to your process.

  • Will Userdoc take up more of my time? (I'm already busy!)

    Iterative requirements work best. You're already capturing this information somewhere. Whether that's a whiteboard, in JIRA, in a Google doc - or even in your head.

    Capturing this in Userdoc won't take any more time. Just start simple, and add more detail as you find it out.

  • But is documentation a good thing?

    Great question.

    Our agile forefathers fought on the battlefield of Waterfall for the right to have "working software over comprehensive documentation" - but this doesn't mean no documentation.

    Giant 350-page functional specifications should remain buried, but centralised requirements that don't get lost when the JIRA ticket disappears - we believe they add value.

    Why don't you see for yourself? Try Userdoc today with a 14 day free trial (no credit card required).

Simple pricing

14-day free trial, no credit card required


$12 usd /month

  • 14-day free trial

  • 3 projects

  • Unlimited user stories

  • Unlimited user types & personas

  • Unlimited user journeys

  • Unlimited team members

  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word

Professional Most popular

$29 usd /month

  • 14-day free trial

  • 20 projects

  • Unlimited user stories

  • Unlimited user types & personas

  • Unlimited user journeys

  • Unlimited team members

  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word

  • Integration with your project management tools


$99 usd /month

  • 14-day free trial

  • 200 projects

  • Unlimited user stories

  • Unlimited user types & personas

  • Unlimited user journeys

  • Unlimited team members

  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word

  • Integration with your project management tools

  • Priority support

About Userdoc

Hi! We are Chris and Claire founders of Userdoc. We've spent 10 years delivering large-scale technical systems, and along the way found managing all the systems requirements to be cumbersome. Project management tools were ok but when the task was ‘done’ - the knowledge disappeared. Generic documents and wiki’s lack opinionated structure and don't integrate with other systems.We initially built Userdoc to scratch our own itch but found our clients also valued turning their system requirements into long-term business assets, and a living knowledge base.❤️ Userdoc is built by a passionate team of developers and project managers.