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A modern requirements management tool with features you‘ll love. Save hours with AI assistance, and invite your team and clients to collaborate.


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A modern way to manage requirements

Centralise knowledge during discovery, through to development, system testing, and long-term documentation.

Capture your requirements in a standard manner with user stories and acceptance criteria. Sync with other systems, but keep Userdoc as the source of truth.

Designed with the features you need

We managed product requirements for over ten years, and a built solution tailored for the job.

Artificial intelligence

Use Userdoc AI to generate mind blowing user stories, acceptance criteria, personas, and user journeys.


Requirements can become hard to manage. Group them by user type, folder, or label. Then search and filter with ease.


Build relationships between user stories, personas, and user journeys to create a map of your system.


Sync requirements to your project management tools and other systems. It's as simple as a click of a button.


Before you start development, ensure your requirements match everyones expectations with story approval statuses.


Requirements change, but you can always reference where they were last week, last month, or even last year.


Don't create knowledge silos. Share requirements with your team, stakeholders and clients with tight access control.


Download requirements as Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files. Knowledge is to be shared, not locked-in.

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Loved by our customers

We bring real value to our customers worldwide, and they’ve let us know how they feel.

    • The biggest issue for me is making sure my team have the right information. Accurate information available at any moment. That’s why I choose Userdoc, it’s simple, and it’s clean.

      Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
      CEO, Cmevo
    • The AI assistance is the product manager I need, but can’t afford! As a solo freelance web developer wearing all the hats, Userdoc is a game changer for putting together project requirements.

      Matthew Anderton
      Freelance developer
    • Userdoc is instrumental at keeping our client requirements all in one place. It makes documenting and linking user stories and acceptance criteria a breeze. We can definitively tell which client requests are ’in scope’ or ’out of scope’ significantly improving our project processes.

      Clarence Ho
      Director of Atlasopen
    • Defining the users flow through the system is crucial for building and maintaining software, and Userdoc has nailed it!

      Kyle Prinsloo
      Freelance developer
    • Userdoc makes it very easy to engage all the stakeholders in writing user stories. With Userdoc, I’m sure that all the voices of my clients are being heard.

      Jose Fernandez
      Chief Software Architect at Epiphyte
    • Userdoc is a game changer for me. It has greatly improved my workflow and focus, making my development process more efficient and effective. The interface is clean, simple and intuitive, making it easy for me to manage the scope of each of my user requirements. Love it!

      Nick Edwards
      Software Engineer at Cubery

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$12USD / month

  • 3 projects
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  • 100 AI credits per month
  • Unlimited user stories
  • Unlimited user types & personas
  • Unlimited user journeys
  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word
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$29USD / month

  • 20 projects
  • 25 users
  • 300 AI credits per month
  • Unlimited user stories
  • Unlimited user types & personas
  • Unlimited user journeys
  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word
  • Integration with your project management tools
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$99USD / month

  • 200 projects
  • 100 users
  • 1000 AI credits per month
  • Unlimited user stories
  • Unlimited user types & personas
  • Unlimited user journeys
  • Export to CSV, Excel & Word
  • Integration with your project management tools
  • Priority support
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Frequently asked questions

About Userdoc

Hi! We are Chris and Claire founders of Userdoc. We‘ve spent 10 years delivering large-scale technical systems, and along the way found managing all the systems requirements to be cumbersome. Project management tools were ok but when the task was ‘done’ - the knowledge disappeared. Generic documents and wiki’s lack opinionated structure and don‘t integrate with other systems.

We initially built Userdoc to scratch our own itch but found our clients also valued turning their system requirements into long-term business assets, and a living knowledge base.

❤️ Userdoc is built by a passionate team of developers and project managers.